Second semester 2014



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Michele Guindani

University of Texas

An Integrative Bayesian Modeling Approach to Imaging Genetics


Aula Cucconi


Antonella Maniero

Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation, USA

Aspects of Drugs Developmente and Statistics


Aula Cucconi


Graciela Boente Boente

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Robust Inference and Outlier Detection in Functional Data Analysis Using S-Estimators


Aula Cucconi


Hyoung-Moon Kim

Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea

Multivariate Screened Normal Classification Analysis


Aula Cucconi


Ana Maria Bianco

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Robust Inference Through Weighted M-Estimators in Nonlinear Regression for Samples with Possible Missing Responses


Aula Cucconi


Vera Djordjilovic

University of Padua

Gloria Gheno

University of Padua

Paola Tellaroli

University of Padua

PhD Thesis Presentation – Students XXVII cycle


Room SC40


Maeregu Woldeyes Arisido

XXVII cycle

Marco Bazzi

XXVII cycle

PhD Thesis Presentation – Students XXVII cycle


Aula Benvenuti


Laura Ventura

University of Padua

PhD Specialistic Course: Introduction to Robust Statistics

05/11/2014 10.30

12/11/2014 10.30

Aula Cucconi


Lorenzo Marangoni

XXVI Cycle

PhD Final Examination - XXVI Cycle


Aula Cucconi


Luca La Rocca

University of modena and reggio Emilia

Effective Structural learning of Sparse Gaussian DAG models


Aula Cucconi


Florian klinglmüller

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Adaptive Designs for Confirmatory Clinical Trials


Aula Cucconi


Geoff McLachlan

University of Queensland, Australia

On Finite Mixtures of Skew T - Distributions


Aula Cucconi


Chongqi Zhang

Guangzhou University

Hypothesis Test in Mixture Designs


Aula Cucconi


Chongqi Zhang

Guangzhou University, China

Introduction to Experimental Designs


Aula Cucconi


Siem Jan Koopman

VU University Amsterdam

PhD Lectures: Time Series Analysis

17/09/2014 14.00

18/09/2014 14.00

19/07/2014 10.00

Aula Cucconi


Riccardo De Bin

Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, Germany

Added Predictive Value of Omics Data: Specific Issues Related to Validation Illustrated by two Case Studies


Aula Cucconi


Helmut Küchenhoff

Ludwig Maximilians University of Munchen, Germany

Phd Specialist Course: Measurement Error

15/09/2014 10.30

15/09/2014 14.30

16/09/2014 10.30

16/09/2014 14.30

Aula Cucconi


Gregory Nuel

CNRS, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Paris, France

Estimating Causal Effects in Gene Expression from a Mixture of Observational and Intervention Experiments


Aula Cucconi


Amanda Hering

Colorado School of Mines, USA

A Semi-Parametric Method for Robust Multivariate Error Detection in Skewed Functional Data with Application to Historical Radiosonde Winds


Aula Cucconi


Badi H. Baltagi

Syracuse University, NY, USA

PhD Specialist Course: Panel Data Analysis

16/07/2014 10.00

16/07/2014 14.00

17/07/2014 10.00

17/07/2014 14.00

Aula Cucconi


Stefano Mazzucco

Università di Padova

PhD Specialist Course: From Frailty to Multiprocess Models

08/07/2014 10.00

09/07/2014 10.00

09/07/2014 14.30

10/07/2014 10.00

11/07/2014 10.00

14/07/2014 09.00

Aula Uggé


Valentina Masarotto

Ecole Polytechnique Federale, Lausanne, CH

PhD Seminar: Bayesan Compressed Sensing between synthesis and analysis


Aula Cucconi


Donald Alan Pierce

Oregon Health & Science University, USA

PhD Specialist Course: Analysis of Survival Data

30/06/2014 14.00

01/07/2014 10.00

04/07/2014 10.00

07/07/2014 10.00

07/07/2014 14.00

Aula Cucconi