Courses 2023/24 - XXXIX cycle

Educational offer

All teaching activities (foundation and specialist courses) are mandatory for first year students. 

Foundation courses

Functional Analysis (A. Cesaroni), October-December 2023

Probability Theory (S. Pagliarani, Univ. of Bologna), October-December 2023

Programming Methodologies for Data Analysis (L. Di Gaspero, Univ. Udine), October-November 2023

Statistical Models (C. Gaetan, Univ. Ca' Foscari Venezia - M. Bernardi, S. Mazzuco, D. Risso and B. Scarpa), February-May 2024

Theory and Methods of Inference (A. Salvan, N. Sartori and L. Pace), March-June 2024


Specialist courses (planning in progress)

Several specialist courses are planned every year. Some of them are taught by guest instructors.

Applied Multivariate Techniques (L. Finos), January-February 2024

Sampling Theory (P.F. Perri, Univ. della Calabria), January-February 2024

Bayesian Data Analysis and Computation (B. Liseo e A. Tancredi, Sapienza Univ. Roma), May-June 2024

Kalman Filter and State Space Models (S.J. Koopman, VU University, Amsterdam, NL), July 2024


Further activities

Library courses (leaflet 2023, Calendar, Welcome PhD Student 2023)

  • First module: How to do bibliographic research in our University 1. Services and resources. 2. Databases by topics.
  • Second module: Bibliography and Plagiarism 1.  Bibliographic citations and citation styles. Plagiarism. 2.  Reference management: introduction to Zotero. Integration with LaTeX.
  • Third module: Academic publishing and Open Access 1.   Introduction to bibliometry. 2. Open Science and data management.

More information about Scholarly Communication and principles of Open Science please see libraries Moodle: 

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Introduction to Basic Concepts of Robustness