Presentation of research topics: 2014

Presentation of selected ongoing research projects at the Department of Statistical Sciences

September 12, 2014 - Aula Uggè

10.00-10.30 Prof. C. Agostinelli (Cà Foscari, Univ. Venice) "Statistical Issues on the Analysis of Paleoclimatic Series"

10.30-11.00 Dott. L. Finos (Univ. Padua) "The Multiplicity Control in Genetics and Neuroscience"

11.30-12.00 Prof. F. Ongaro (Univ. Padua) "Union Dynamics and Fertility"

12.00-12.30 Prof. M. Chiogna (Univ. Padua) "Statistics in the Biosciences"

14.30-15.00 Prof. A. Brazzale (Univ. Padua) "In All Likelihood: Models and Methods"

15.00-15.30 Prof. C. Gaetan (Ca' Foscari, Univ. Venice) "Spatial Modelling for Climate Data"


October 15, 2014 - Aula Uggè

10.00-10.30 Dott. G. Boccuzzo (Univ. Padua) "Constructing Composite Indicators Metodology and Open Problems"

10.30-11.00 Prof. S. Campostrini (Univ. Ca' Foscari, Venice) "Statistical Issues in Public Health Surveillance Systems"

11.30-12.00 Prof. A. Paggiaro (Univ. Padua) "Statitical Models and Methods for Socio-Economic and Business Microdata"

12.00-12.30 Prof. L. Fabbris (Univ. Padua) "Preferences Measures and Conjoint Analysis of Choices"