Statistical Sciences at Unipd

 The POST-GRADUATE COURSE in STATISTICAL SCIENCES at the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padova offers a highly competitive PhD Program in Statistical Sciences. The program, culminating in a dissertation, provides scholars with a tailored training program that integrates strong methodological bases with knowledge of specific topics relevant to the research work.


The program foresees a learning and training period in the first year of studies, providing the required coursework based on individual activities as well as on more informal relationships like study groups, interactions with faculty, attendance to devoted seminar series, and other continued learning throughout the year.


Research activity during the second and third year represents the distinctive character of the PhD Program and it is aimed at attaining/achieving independent research abilities. The Department's diverse range of interests and expertise creates a challenging intellectual environment that encourages scholars to fulfill their individual research interests. The Course enjoys  a network of collaborations with Italian and foreign universities.



Every academic year the Course, jointly with the China Scholarship Council (CSC), offers n.1 scholarship to candidates from the People’s Republic of China.


Admission for CSC candidates XXXVIII cycle, Academic Year 2022-2023, and application form at the page: