Second semester 2015



Date & Location



Davide Bossoli

Paolo Gorgi

Mirko Signorelli

PhD Intermediate Seminars - Cycle XXIX


Aula Cucconi


Mikael Kuusela

EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH)

Shape-Constrained Uncertainty Quantification in Unfolding Elementary Particle Spectra at the Large Hadron Collider


Aula Cucconi


Elisa Carraro

Khanh To Duc

Phd Intermediate Seminars - Cycle XXIX


Aula Cucconi


Giulio Caperna

Gebrehiwot Haftu

Leonardo Piccione

Roberta De Vito

PhD Thesis Presentation


Aula Cucconi


Daniele Durante

Ronaldo R. Guedes Silva

PhD Thesis Presentation - XXVIII cycle


Aula Cucconi


Giovanni Bonaccolto

Ismail Shah

PhD Thesis Presentation - XXVIII cycle


Aula Cucconi


Tommaso Dorigo

INFN Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

Extraordinary Evidence: Statistics for new Physics Searches


Aula Cucconi


Guido Masarotto

University of Padua

PhD Specialist Course XXX Cycle : The Interface between R and C

03/11/2015 14.30

05/11/2015 14.30

Aula Cucconi


Gianluca Mazzarella

University of Padua

PhD Final Examination - XXVII Cycle


Aula Cucconi


Veronika Deffner

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (Germany)

Benefit of the Low Emission Zone in Munich and Impact of Particulate Matter on Human Health


Aula Cucconi


Pier Francesco Perri

Università della Calabria

PhD Specialist Course XXX Cycle: sampling Theory

19/10/2015 10.00

19/10/2015 15.00

20/10/2015 10.00

20/10/2015 15.00

21/10/2015 09.00

SC20 / Asid 15


Carlo Gaetan

University Ca' Foscari of Venice

PhD Specialist Course XXX Cycle: Spatial Statistics

02/10/2015 09.00

09/10/2015 09.00

16/10/2015 09.00

Aula Uggé


Alan Agresti

University of Florida, USA

PhD Specialist Course: Categorical data Analysis

12/10/2015 09.30

12/10/2015 11.00

13/10/2015 09.30

13/10/2015 11.30

14/10/2015 09.30

14/10/2015 11.30

15/10/2015 09.30

15/10/2015 11.30

Aula Cucconi


Laura Ventura

Università di Padova

PhD specialist Course XXX Cycle: Introduction to Robust Statistics

05/10/2015 09.30

07/10/2015 09.30

Università di Padova


Jian Xiong

Guangzhou University

Statistical Learning for Natural Language Structure


Aula Cucconi


Maria Süveges

University of Geneva

Statistics and Data Mining in Astronomy: Large Satellite Surveys


Aula Cucconi


Stefano Mazzuco

University of Padua

PhD Specialist Course XXX Cycle: Population Modeling

Aula Uggé/Asid 15


Marcello Morciano

University of East Anglia

Participation of Older People in Health-related longitudinal studies. Microlevel evidence at the beginning of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)


Aula Cucconi


Siem Jan Koopman

VU University Amsterdam

PhD Specialist Course: Time Series Analysis

09/09/2015 14.00

10/09/2015 10.00

11/09/2015 10.00

Aula Cucconi


Giulia Cereda

University of Lausanne

Bayesian Non Parametric for the LR Assessment in the Rare Type Match Case


Aula Cucconi


Francesco C. Stingo

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Bayesian Approaches for Complex Networks


Aula Cucconi


Terence Paul Speed

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Instrumental Variables and Negative Controls


Aula Cucconi


Thomas H. Scheike

University of Copenhagen, DK

PhD Specialist Course: Multivariate Event Times Data

29/06/2015 09.00

29/06/2015 14.30

30/06/2015 09.00

30/06/2015 14.30

01/07/2015 09.00

01/07/2015 14.30

02/07/2015 09.00

02/07/2015 14.30

03/07/2015 09.00

03/07/2015 14.30

Aula Cucconi


Chiara Sabatti

Stanford University (USA)

TreeQTL: Selective Inference for Genetic Regulation of Gene Expression


Aula Cucconi