Courses 2016/17 - XXXII cycle

Foundation courses

Functional Analysis (A. Cesaroni), October-November 2016

Probability Theory (F. Giummolè), November 2016-January 2017

Theory and Methods of Inference (A. Salvan), March-June 2017

Statistical Models (M.Chiogna)

Specialist courses (planning in progress)

Programming with Python (Luca Di Gaspero, Univ. Udine), October-November 2016

The Interface between R and C (Guido Masarotto, Univ. Padova), February 2017

Bayesian Data Analysis and Computation ( B. Liseo e A. Tancredi, Sapienza Univ. Roma), May-June 2017

Population Modeling (Stefano Mazzuco, Univ. Padova), June 2017

Bayesian Data Analysis with Stan (Jonah Sol Gabry, Columbia Univ., New York, USA), July 2017

Nonparametric Smoothing Techniques (F. Pauli, Univ. Trieste), July 2017

Kalman Filter and State Space Models (S.J. Koopman, VU University, Amsterdam, NL), July 2017

Sampling Theory (P.F. Perri, Univ. della Calabria), July 2017

Statistical Learning and Data Science (T. Hastie, Stanford University, USA), October 2017




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Further activities