Thesis presentation | Cycle XXXI

Room Benvenuti


10:30 | Gioia Di Credico

Some Developments in Semiparametric and Cross-classified Multilevel Models


11:30 | Ahbab Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

Modified Lee-Carter Methods with LASSO type Smoothing and Adjusting for Lifespan Disparity


12:30 | Massimiliano Russo

Bayesian Inference for Tensor Factorization Models


14:30 | Waldir Leoncio Netto

Advances in test equating: comparing IRT and Kernel methods and a new likelihood approach to equate multiple forms


15:30 | Luca Maestrini

On Variational Approximations for Frequentist and Bayesian Inference


16:30 | Sally Paganin

Prior-driven Cluster Allocation in Bayesian Mixture Models