Thesis Presentation | Cycle XXXII



10:00 | Anastasiia Gorshechnikova

Likelihood Approximation and Prediction for Large Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Datasets using Hierarchical Matrix Approach

Supervisor C. Gaetan


10:55 | Md Moinuddin

A Divide-and-Conquer Approach for Large Spatial Dataset

Supervisor C. Gaetan


11:50 | Andrea Sottosanti

Advances in Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering: Two Case Studies in Astronomy

Supervisor M. Bernardi


14:00 | Huiting Huang

Permutation Tests for Stochastic Ordering with Ordered Categorical Data

Supervisor L. Salmaso


14:55 | Federico Ferraccioli

Nonparametric Methods for Complex Spatial Domains:

Density Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

Supervisor L.M. Sangalli